On 7 January 2003 Bishop Gilles Cote, s.m.m., Bishop of Daru-Kiunga invited representatives of ICJ Australia and the Refugee Council to visit Kiunga to inspect the situation of the West Papuan refugees present in Papua New Guinea.

The Ordre de Mission of 7 January 2003 named the Hon. Elizabeth Evatt AC, Judge John O’Meally AM RFD, the Hon. Duncan Kerr MP, Margaret Piper, and Elizabeth Biok as members of the joint Mission of ICJ Australia and the Refugee Council of Australia to Papua New Guinea from 19 to 25 January 2003, with this role:

“The mission will investigate and report on the situation of the West Papuan refugees including those persons who crossed in the 1980s as well as persons arriving in recent years.”

This report was presented to the 28 April 2003 meeting of ICJ Australia.
Unfortunately, even today, the plight of West Papuan Refugees in Papua New Guinea has not improved.

Download Report (large files; slow to download – we suggest for greater ease and speed, readers “right click” the links, and then select the “Save Target As…” option, then choose a location on your machine to store the report’s chapters)

Table of Contents

List of Recommendations
1. Introduction and Outline of Activities of the Mission
2. Political, Social and Military Background:
3 Refugees in Papua New Guinea Law and Practice
4. Perspectives of the Papua New Guinea Government
5. Perspectives of Church Leaders in PNG
6. Issues and Concerns of the West Papuan Groups
7. Conclusions and Recommendations


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