Rule of Law Missions

As part of its role in protecting and facilitating human rights and the Rule of Law, ICJ Australia has sent representatives to observe various events of crucial importance. The Observer missions undertaken on which reports have been published include the following. There are other observer missions not resulting in public reports that do not appear here.

2005  Palestinian Authority Presidential Elections, West Bank & Gaza Strip
2003 Papua New Guinea – investigation and report on status of West Papuan refugees and border crossers – See report
2001 Sri Lanka General Elections
2000 Sri Lanka General Elections
1999 East Timor Independence Referendum (Indonesia)
1999 Sri Lanka Presidential Elections
1999 Malaysia – Anwar Ibrahim trial
1999 International Mission to Indonesia
1998 Singapore – Defamation trials
1998 Singapore – Jeya Rajem
1998 Indonesia – Anti-Subversion Trials
1997-1999 Bougainville
1997 Sri Lanka
1996 Vanuatu – The Role of the Judiciary
1992 Hong Kong Countdown to 1997 Report
1992 East Timor – Observer at Trials
1991 Philippines – The Failed Promise
1991 Aboriginals and the Law – A Report of the Mission to NSW Courts
1990 Bangladesh – A Report on the Current Human Rights Situation
1989 The Cambodian Road – A discussion Paper, An Analysis of the Contemporary Cambodian Situation
1989 Vanuatu – Observer at trial of Sokomanu and others
1987 Malaysia – Observer at Habeas Corpus trials
1987 Philippines – Observation of Election
1986 Papua New Guinea – Further report on West Papuan border crossers
1985 Philippines – International observation mission
1984 Papua New Guinea – refugee status of West Papuan border crossers
1983 Sri Lanka – Trial observation and racial conflict report
1982 Uruguay
1978 Indonesia – Subversion trial
1977 Philippines – Benigno Aquino trial
1975 Indonesia – Hariman Siregar trial observation

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