The President of the ICJ Australia, The Hon John Dowd AO QC, issued a press release on the 11 October 2017 in relation to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW):

“We urge Members of Parliament to support and pass the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 (NSW) and we ask members of the public to advise Parliamentary members of their support of the Bill”, said the Hon John Dowd AO QC, President of the International Commission of Jurists Australia.

“Conferring on people the right to decide to end severe and unbearable pain through the use of this proposed legislation allows terminally ill patients to die with dignity and to end what is often months or years of pain and agony,” said Mr Dowd.

Under the Bill, a patient in NSW who is over the age of 25, is suffering from a terminal illness, and is experiencing severe pain, suffering or incapacitation can request that they be given a life-ending substance to self-administer. The Bill contains appropriate safeguards to protect against abuse.

“This Bill will prevent pressure being brought on Doctors to break the law assisting people to end their lives as sometimes now happens,” said Mr Dowd.

The Hon John Dowd AO QC President ICJ Australia

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