ICJ Australia involves itself in human rights and rule of law issues all over the globe, but with particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region. It has sent observers to important political and criminal trials and dispatched observers as part of international missions investigating the application of the rule of law and related issues in its Charter all around the world. ICJ Australia has also sent international observers to a number of crucial elections to promote and protect democracy in the region.

ICJ Australia has organised seminars and conferences in Australia and Papua New Guinea and has participated in many such meetings in other parts of the world.

ICJ Australia assisted with jurists to collect first-hand evidence of atrocities committed in East Timor prior to and following the 1999 independence referendum, some of which has been in the Truth and Reconciliation report. ICJ Australia members assisted in the registration of East Timorese voters in Australia, and a number of ICJ Australia delegates acted as UN-accredited observers at the East Timor referendum in August 1999.

ICJ Australia has been actively involved in the Middle-East, sending observers to the elections for the President of the Palestinian Authority in January 2005, touring the Gaza Strip inspecting refugee settlements and voting mechanisms there, and working with ICJ’s affiliate organisations in Ramallah and Gaza City.

ICJ Australia promotes the establishment of National Human Rights Institutions in accordance with the Paris Principles, and attends the Asia-Pacific Forum of NHRIs on a regular basis.

ICJ Australia has published numerous books and reports relating to its activities.

ICJ Australia meets on the third Monday of each month. If you would like further information please contact the Assistant Secretary-General at

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